20 ene. 2013

DAY 2: Read-A-Thon Cocoa and Hype Makes Every Book Nice!

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Hey! How's everybody doing? This is Day 2 of this magnificent Read-A-Thon!! :)
I'm sharing you guys how many pages I read:

- 262 pages of Fracture by Megan Miranda
I finished it! And I alredy posted my review, so check it out!

I'm going to keep reading Dualed by Elsie Chapman, I've only read 15 pages so far, but I think is a good start (?) Well, I got sick, (totally unexpected) So I think I won't have the same pages read by the end of this day. At least I'm hoping to read until page 150. Let's see how it goes!

So, what are you reading this sunday? Happy reading!

4 comentarios:

  1. I hope you feel better! I've heard good things about Dualed. I've been so busy that I haven't read anything in over a week. I'm getting twitchy lol

    1. Aaw, Thanks! I do feel a little better, but I didn't advance reading how I really wanted.. Anyway.. Tomorrow is another day.. :) Time passes quickly! Maybe this week you can catch up! And then, tell me what are you going to read :)

  2. I am excited to hear what you think of Dualed! You are doing so great!

    1. Thank you! The book It's getting better! :)


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