27 ene. 2013

Cocoa and Hype Makes Every Book Nice Update Final Day

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Ok, so todays the last day of this awesome Read-A-Thon. This week has been really difficult to me. I did so many things that I can barely found time to read something. I was planning to keep reading today all day.. But my mom said we had to paint our house. So here I am, all sored for have been painting all day and without having read a single page. My goal was to read 5 super and amazing hyped books! But by today, Ive just read 2 books. And Im reading the third one by the half of it. So lets say Im on the middle of my goal. Lol

I really loved this days, and even after the Read-A-Thon has finished, Im going to keep reading in the same order my books :)
Well, lets see my stats!

Day 1 ~ started and finished reading Fracture by Megan Miranda 262 pages
Day 2 ~ Started reading Dualed by Elsie Chapman
Day 5 ~ Started reading Paper Valentine by Brenna Yovanoff
Day 7 ~ Finished reading Dualed by Elsie Chapman 304 pages (I'll post my review later)
Day 9 ~ Im on page 130 of Paper Valentine.
Total pages I read: 696 pages (And I had a goal of 1000 pages)

Ok.. hmm.. Honestly, Im a little disappointed because at least I wanted to reach to my goal of reading 1000 pages Well, maybe I can finish Paper Valentine today or tomorrow morning :)

http://d.gr-assets.com/books/1350438849l/13401993.jpg Oh- I think Dualed is so overrated. I expected so much more of this book and well.. I don't think it deserves to be a hyped book.


 Fracture is another thing. I think more people have to know about this book and read it. It's awesome.

Well, this was all. I had so much fun, and Im really looking forward in participating in another Read-A-Thon. This was my first, so I think it came up well. At least I got a little over a half books read of my goals lol.
How about you? What have you been reading and what are you planning to read? 

Have a nice weekend and happy reading!

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  1. Aww I wish Dualed was better and I really want to read Fracture now lol!


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